do you get caught up in other people’s idea of success and pluck random goals out of thin air?

time to do things differently my gal!
welcome to your new era of confidence, clarity, and direction.

The Goals Gals is the goal-setting and accountability mentorship designed to excite and motivate millennial female entrepreneurs to achieve feelgood success in business and life, your way. 

the accountability mentorship for millennial female entrepreneurs

ready to think, plan, and grow like a CEO while staying 100% true to yourself?

Welcome to The Goals Gals, the accountability mentorship for ambitious millennial female service providers like you who want to get focused and make more money doing business YOUR way.

The Goals Gals

smart girls come first

You’re delivering the dream for your clients, but ~ respectfully ~ you’re not giving your own business the VIP treatment.

We’ve set up and run multiple businesses too, so we know how easy it is to get stuck in the everydayness of it all, whether you’re frantically firefighting or casually coasting.

You do everything and you’re on the ball for everyone else, but working on your own business (and yourself) tends to come last.

the goals gals accountability mentorship is a space where you always come first. it’s made for you if you:

~ Struggle with consistency and the pressure to be “on” in so many different places

~ Operate with a “client-client-client-oh-shit-my-business” mentality

~ Are a self-confessed control freak and don’t know what to delegate 

~ Have all the ideas but can’t nail down what to prioritise this morning/month/quarter

~ Get overwhelm and aren’t sure how to solve the problem of the day

~ Have bouncy brain syndrome, flitting from one thing to another

It all adds up to a frustrating feeling that you just aren’t taking meaningful steps towards your big dreams. And we hate that for you 😭

it's giving... GROWTH

The Goals Gals is an accountability mentorship for millennial women with a drive to run their lives and businesses more intentionally. 

Led by Gaby Marsden and Ali King, your accountability mentors, the Goals Gals are here to make sure you:

get it gal: a forward-focused framework for sustainable success

Inside the Goals Gals accountability mentorship, you’ll discover everything you need to scale your business confidently and intentionally, making everyday progress towards your big dreams.

It’s a structured formula for intentional growth and authentic success in business and in life, because as female entrepreneurs, EVERYTHING is connected. 

(And if you’re not even sure what those are yet because you’re drifting right now, we’ll get you laser-focused on that too).

Here’s what that looks like for you:

Every online session is hosted by us and held in a curated, intimate group setting where you feel comfortable being yourself, have the time and space to open up and offload, and receive personalised support with cheerleading and perspective from likeminded women in business. 

The Goals Gals

With 30 years in business and a bunch of successful ventures under our belt, we’ve created the space you need to become a real goal-getter and grow in a way that’s:

Your spot is ready for you – come on in.

a fresh and collaborative alternative to accountability coaching

Done with faceless communities and want a collaborative and cosy alternative where you feel seen and heard?

Love the main character energy of 1-1 business coaching but need a more sustainable long-term solution to build your confidence and stay focused?

The Goals Gals is the sweet spot between 1-1 accountability coaching and big group programmes.

Meeting you in the middle is where the magic happens.

You get all of the main character moments of having a 1-1 coach or mentor, with the added confidence boost of an intimate community of cool women who hype you up and show you what’s possible. 

We’re huge fangirls of the power of community.

We even teamed up to run the Goals Gals as a duo because we’ve experienced in real-time how much more effective, successful, and fun business is when you do it together.