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Good girls get on with it and feel #blessed for what they’re given, don’t they?

That might have been true in your early days of self-employment, but you’ve reached a tipping point where you know you want to aim higher, be braver, and prioritise yourself more.

New goals: get rich doing less work (the dream) and do more #selfcare, guilt-free. 

Us too!

Just like you, we want to feel good about doing amazing work that puts us in a position to enjoy life more.

Over the past 30+ combined years in business, we’ve realised surrounding ourselves with ambitious women inspires us to think bigger, and want you to experience the excitement and freedom that brings.

The Goals Gals

we’re ali and gaby, your relatable and motivational business cheerleaders`

Millennial masterminds like you love our support because we’re:

We know it’s a big step to join a network if you’ve never done it before or had your fingers burned.

But once you join our inner circle you’ll think “why was I so scared of this?”

meet ali

Ali has two decades of business expertise from her previous life people-pleasing at in-house and agency marketing management roles.

Now, she’s built a successful copywriting business on her own terms working with inspirational female founders and is obsessed with sharing women’s voices.

For her first few years in business, introvert Ali happily hibernated in her spare room churning out hourly-rate copy, but after hitting those feast and famine cycles one too many times she wasn’t sure who to go to for advice in scaling her business confidently and sustainably. 

After discovering the power of community, she managed to raise her rates AND her self-worth as a female entrepreneur, designing a job around her life. As one half of the Goals Gals, she’s here to help you do the same in her down-to-earth, practical, and encouraging way.

meet gaby

Successful entrepreneur Gaby has a natural brain for business and is self-taught in everything from DIY to SEO.

She runs a thriving digital marketing agency, achieving staggering online growth for B2B and B2C clients nationwide. 

The Goals Gals evolved out of a local networking group-turned business community for people-person Gaby, who has a rare ability to support and lead women to take control of their lives and businesses through accountability and goal-setting.

With her caring, direct, and approachable way of holding you accountable and asking the right questions, Gaby’s here to open the door to her fellow female business owners to see more women like you grow profitable businesses you love.

real vibes only

Forget about toxic positivity and the 5am Club. The Goals Gals is a cosy, genuine, and uplifting space for:

Your days of imposter-filled people-pleasing self-employment are done. 

Let’s say hello to your new era as a calm, confident, in-control queen living your best business life. 

Ready to redefine success on your terms? We’re here for it (literally).

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