not another accountability coach 🙃

Have you ever tried working 1-1 with a coach to stay accountable only to find yourself not being 💯 yourself with them?

Perhaps you signed up for a group programme but felt like another number because it lacked the personal touch?

Maybe you’ve seen coaches shouting about self-limiting beliefs and £10k months on your socials and got the ick.

Either way, this is not that.

There are some fantastic (and less fantastic) accountability coaches out there, but that’s not what we’re about.

The Goals Gals

your path to positive progress

We’re Ali and Gaby, accountability mentors who’ve been around the block in business and are here to challenge you, encourage you, advise and guide you on your path to positive progress in business and life.

This is a fresh approach to accountability because it’s both personalised and collaborative at the same time. 

A personalised and collaborative kind of support feeds your growth and makes you feel seen in every situation your business throws at you. From those screamworthy wins to the dicey moments where a good old vent is not a want but a need.

your low-key schedule for success

Once you become a Goals Gal, you’ve automatically set yourself up for success. 

But please don’t mistake this for a hectic, high-drama programme that sends you running for the hills.

The best part about the Goals Gals is it’s a gentle, low-key formula for meaningful + measurable growth.

Here’s how that looks.

Your spot is ready for you – come on in.

accountability? we stan

After being round the block over 30+ years in business we discovered one common theme in every successful operation: consistency.

And let’s be perfectly honest: left to our own devices, this is a serious challenge (procrastinate? Us?)

So this is where accountability kicks in.

Accountability is the secret ingredient to creating the kind of consistency that cultivates wild success in business.

people who shared their goals with friends had a 70% success rate in accomplishing them, compared to a 35% success rate for people who kept their goals to themselves without writing them down.

with accountability comes:

Your chances of completing a goal increase to 95% if you have a meeting with an accountability partner about it.

The Goals Gals

goals are the driving force of personal + professional growth

people with goals are 10x more likely to succeed 

(Bigger Pockets)

Setting goals is everything in business and life.

There’s no feeling like reflecting on your year knowing you set out what you wanted to do and made visible progress towards growth and fulfilment. 

If you’re as obsessed with self-improvement and dream-chasing as we are, this is the place to be.

The Goals Gals is for ambitious women who want more from life and know deep down they can get it with the right circle of support.

It’s time you experienced a mentorship designed specifically for millennial female business owners to provide the guidance, cheerleading, and strategic support that completes the jigsaw of your success.

say hello to your fellow goals gals

Common questions

Ask us anything - learn everything you need to know about the accountability mentorship for female business owners. Got a question we haven’t covered here? Email us!

An accountability mentorship is a space where a mentee (that’s you!) works with a mentor or mentors (that’s us, Ali and Gaby) to stay accountable to their goals, actions, and commitments.

For the Goals Gals mentorship specifically, you’re part of a small group of mentees who set clear goals, establish action plans, and monitor progress towards those goals together with guidance and advice from your mentor. 

And if that all sounds a little dry, think of it this way. Most of us love the freedom of being our own bosses, but left to our own devices that freedom can often result in a lack of direction and motivation and one too many stops at the procrastination station.

With a mentor to give you a (loving) kick up the bum, you set exciting goals, stay focused, overcome obstacles, maintain motivation, and feel an incredible sense of pride at how far you’ve come and what you’ve managed to accomplish.

By investing in your accountability, you take ownership of your business and personal life and stay committed to what you want from work and life.

Your investment is £99 a month on a rolling basis. 

Not exactly, as you’re in complete control. However, we do encourage you to commit to being a Goals Gal for at least a quarter (three months) so you can really get into the swing of showing up for yourself and start to see measurable success and progress in every area of your life.

Nope! Simply cancel your subscription online (no awky convo necessary) and no more payments will be taken.

Mentoring for female entrepreneurs involves a supportive, long-term relationship with an experienced advisor who provides guidance, encouragement, and tips tailored to your specific challenges and goals.

As your mentors, we share insights and advice gained from our own journeys and help you navigate hurdles, build confidence, and unlock your potential. 

Coaching, on the other hand, is to facilitate your self-discovery, goal-setting, and problem-solving rather than to impose the coach’s perspective. 

Unlike coaches, we’ll give you our opinion and let you know what we think is the best course of action for you, based on our business knowledge and experience. 

Of course, we give you plenty of space for your own decision-making and self-exploration too. We listen, offer constructive feedback, and encourage you to reflect and grow at every stage.

It’s always best to choose a mentor you relate to and whose opinion you really trust and value to support your development. 


For us, it’s much more about sharing a vibe than fitting into an age bracket. There’s a ten-year age gap between the two of us – just call us Baby Millennial and Elder Millennial – but ever since we became friends and then business partners we knew we were on the same wavelength.

As a Goals Gals, you’ll get all of the advice, organisation, structure, and motivation you need to reach your goals.

And as with anything in life, you get out what you put in. 

When you commit to showing up, following the plan, and embracing the process, magical things will start happening for you.

The typical Goals Gal is a millennial female business owner who has been at it for a few years now, often in a creative and/or service-based sector and loves the freedom of self-employment but needs a little support and friendship to reach that next level of growth in a fun and empowering way.

Whether you think of yourself as a freelancer, solopreneur, CEO, or sole trader, you’re a one-woman brand and you have big goals about where this could go, but you also value self-care and a healthy balance in life, so your schedule needs to work around your life (no hustle here). 

You’re not a corporate type and you shudder at the thought of returning to your 9-5, so you recognise the need for the right type of support to really get this show on the road and live out your rich bitch dreams (joking, kind of).